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Can you pay on motorbike or not ????


Open today?

Opening day ga ga yah?

Tomorrow the red date is open tomorrow


Today is open already? (yesterday yesterday larup holiday)

I'm sorry

Open any time

For those in the Mayestik market, we don't know yet, but what is clear is that Bakmi Boy in Bintaro (BTC) has been open since 2 days ago.

On the domestic market ... next door

In front of Isardas store ... if you go in front (next to Bank BNI) ... to the left ... then ... the direction you want to go ... Bakmi Boy doesn't use a sign ... it's on the right side ...

Still not renovating? Or is it open again?

already open

Klou minggu buka ga

Not open. Special Sunday Bakmi Boy closes.

If this is the case, can you dine in?


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